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Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments

Vintage Analog Organs

Analog Vintage Music Equipment

fascinates with it's natural and warm sound but also inspires, because control over sound is directly accessible by knobs. The vintage analog world of music equipment is vastly different from cookie cutter mass produced modern digital equipment.


The innner workings of the Baldwin Orgasonic Tube Organ shown in the left columns on this page:

The inner working of a tube organ: Rever, Tube Amplifier and Leslie

The photo aobve shows (top to bottom):

1) The tube reverberation amplifier with reverberation spring hanging form the assembly mounted above it
2) The 3 chanel Tube amplifier
3) The Leslie assembly: showing the motor at the left and the rotor above the speaker which emits sound form the bottom.

An Instrument that Amazes

Baldwin Orgasonic Vintage Tube Organ w/ Leslie and Touch Sensitive keys!
1960's USA Hand Made

Baldwin Tube Organ


• Vintage Analoge Tube Circuitry - warm, natural and harmonic tube sound!
• Touch sensitive Keys for extra expression possibilities
• 3 Channel Tube Amplification System for dimensional and spacefilling sound
• Built-in Leslie!
• Built-In Spring Reverb with LARGE reverb Spring
• Baldwin Panoramic Tone lever to control reverb in 3 steps
• Expression Pedal
• One Octave Bass Pedals

Vintage Guitar Gear

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Description: Not your ordifnay home organ. The manufacturer says about this instrument in it's description:" It was hand crafted and not mass produced" and it is a very fine instrument in every regard indeed. As a tube organ (All circuitry based on vacuum tube - except for the tone generator, which employs early transsistors) this keyboard instrument has a very warm natural and beautiful sound thant cannot be emulated with modern equpment. but the features that set this organ arapart form other early home organs: In the 1950's Baldwin invented touch sensitive keys. These are different form the touch sensitivity of modern equipment: The keys are each like a fader: lightly pressed there is soft sound and as the key is pressed fruther down the tone becomes fuller and louder, and also: once akey is pressed it can be released by "fading" the sound out. Then of course: stackato playing gives the instrument a completely different sound and feel. There is an amazing array of endless expression possiblities in playing this instrument - but most amazing about that: this is made possible with vintage tube technology! In my opinion: astonishing technology was developed and completely forgotten by time - This instrument is way under rated and under valued. The here mentioned is just the begginning: In addition to the above this organ features, yes, the regular expression pedal, then a reverb that is sent to a different amplifer channel for true stereo sound with a "panoramic tone control" lever, which is meant to dial in the ultimate spacial dimension. This instument features a 3 channel tube amplification system: 2 channles to which the sounds are mixesd and a third channel for the Leslie. In comparison: a standard home organ has only one amplifer channel. The 3 channel system results in an space filling almost 3 dimnesional orchestral sound (and feel) when playing this fine and beatiful instrument. The reverb in this unit is based on a propriuatory high frequency vaccum tube spring reverb circuit and the reverberation spring is humongous. In smmary: A much under rated fine crafted quality instrument offered here for much less than what I would deem deem it's actual value, based on the technology / hardware it includes. Great for Jazz, classical, or other, even experiemntal music, that would benefit form the wide range of expression possibilities and warm sound that this instrument offers.

Condition: Very Clean and flawless physical appearance. Fully working. All works nicely and sound sgreat! Original tubes installed.

Lot: The Baldwin Orgasnic PL-54 tube organ as described above. Priced to make it possible for you to buy this beautiful instrument - even though I would value it much higher than my asking price. Ideal will be a sale, where you come and pick up, (USA, California, Chico area, about 100 miles northwest form Sacramneto, CA.) but for additional cost I can pack/crate this instrument for freight - when all tranportation arrangements are arranged form your end. A couple of shippers mentiond on the web are: Plycon (plyconvanlines.com) or Craters & Freighters (cratersandfreighters.com) Questions / Inquiries

Price: 350.00

Organ Benches Here Contact me

Vintage Keyboards, MIDI Controlers and Synthesizers

Knobs to twiddle and Music to be played!

Interesting vintage Syntthesizer Keyboard , Midi Controller and E-Piano

vintage dance music production synthesizer keyboard
 One instrument does really all: cool sounding groovy dance music - Pr eprogrammed patterns can be played and tweaked live!
 Lots of knobs that can be tweaked live and recorded.
 Resonant Filters
 "Analog" + Delay Effects
 Buit-in sampler
 Fully MIDI controlable
 Download your own patterns to the board
Features (Detailed): The 5 octave keyboard can be used to play any of the quality sounds like a synth, but is really meant to be a complex controller for the pattern player to create complex dance music. Each key is used to control a specific function and the whole keyboard is segmented into 5 groups of controllers: The pattern player, The Activators (adds another layer of one shot events and loops), The Part Mixer (allows to toggle each part or groups of parts on/off), The Part selector (allows to toggle each part or groups of parts on/off to send the sound of it to the part controller section, which is composed of resonance filter control, filter cut-off and volume). Then there is the Key Shifter, whch allows to transpose the playing pattern / activator parts to any key. There is a sampler that allows to record / play 3 loops and 3 one shot events (can be played through the keyboard as well), and there is a performance recorder that allows to record the operation of any keys, knobs and switches. Then for the overall sound mix there is a impressing effects processor that can be "played" life with it's 2 knobs and a toggle switch ( + additional "hold" ). The effects processor offers: Delay, Phasing, Flanging, Auto pan, Slicing, Ring modulation, Lo-Fi, distortion, echo. There is a unit labelled "Isolator" which is basically a 3 band EQ that allows to twiddle it's knobs for life performance. There is a ribbon controller to which pitch bending, scrathing or pitch/BPM can be assigned and of course the unit can be used as a syntehsized/ keyboard to access any of it's 200+ voices. If using an additional MIDI controller this instrument can be easily exteneded to be the ultimate life dance music performance tool. Yamaha also offers software to download which allows to load one's own MIDI patterns into the machine. The unit has MIDI in and out and a quality internal amplifiecation system with built-in spealkers.

- YAMAHA DJX II (continued) -

Condition: Gently used. Fully working - Great condition.

Lot: YAMAH DJX-II keyboard, original owners manual, power supply. Great condition!

Price: $175 Buy
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2. MK-4902 / MK-149
4 Octave MIDI Controller keyboard
 Can run on batteries ( modify to hang around your neck for on-stage keyboard1)
 Touch sensitive w/ Sustain pedal in and 10 velocity curve settings
 Channel Volume control
 Program change and BANK MSB and LSB
 Program and Bank Change memory
 Wheel assign fuction
 Send: "Genral MIDI reset" and "reset all controllers"
 All the usual controls that other MIDI controllers have: MIDI chanel select, Octave change, transpose, Modulation and pitch wheel, sustain pedal jack., numeric LED dispaly.
Description: A pretty handy MIDI controller that can work most everything that has a MIDI input in depth. Thant includes to hook to a computer for sequencing. This UNIT is a PERFECT extension for ABOVE YAMAHA DJX-II music production keyboard.
Condition: Gently used. Fully working - Great condition. The photo is pretty bad and does not represent the good condition of the unit. It was difficult to photograph black with black background, and image compression introduces grainyness that does not exist. The unit actually looks flawless.

Lot: MK-4902 MIDI controller keyboard, printed owners manual, power supply. Great condition!

Price: $79.00 Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Also available: Vintage Speakers
HANMMOND ORGANS Check out this Tube Organ!

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3. Yamaha E-Piano.
 Can run on batteries
 Touch sensitive w/ Sustain pedal input (pedal included)
 Can be used as a full yimplemented MIDI conroller
 Built-in stereo amplifier system - headphone jacks and outputs
 Can be used as a tone generator for incoming MIDI signals
 Transpose function and more! ©2009ultraelectronicactive.com
Description: Sometimes simplicity is the best road to sucess. Here we have a semi professional Yamaha stand alone e-piano with MIDI in/out. This instrument like other Yamaha equipment is cafted very nicely and complete quality. This digital stereo sample based e-piano offers 5 different tones to select form (selection buttons enlarged in the photos above): Piano 1, Piano 2, e-piano, harpsichord, vibes. It is touch sensitive based on velocity, sample based and offers 3 different tones per note mapped to touch sensitivity. It has full MIDI implementation (use a as MIDI controller to play into a computer etc., or as a tone generator for incoming MIDI signals). It offers to transpose the key you are playing in locally, has a sustain/damper pedal input (pedal included) and has a built-in stereo amplifier system (also: 2 head phone outputs). It comes with a wall wart type power supply, or can be powered by batteries to be fully portable. The instrument is fully working, in nice condition and comes with a copy of it's owners manual, and one of my award winning sustain pedals, which has a toggle switch, that allows to reverse the sustain function to "hold" / "release" when pushing the pedal) ©2009ultraelectronicactive.com

Condition: Gently used. Some signs of use, clean. Fully working, tested - Great condition.

Lot: Yamaha YYP-15 E-piano, custom made sustain pedal with inverse switch, owners manual in PDF form on CD, power supply.

Price: $145.00 or $120.00 without the sustain pedal / manual Buy
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Vintage CASIO
1980 Calculator + Synthesizer w/ Rythm

1980 Casio Calculator and Syntehsizer

1982 Original! - The Real Deal


Line output, runs on batteries, ultra portable!, 2 1/2 octave keyboard which can be switched one octave lower and one octave higher, pre-set synth sounds: Piano, Fantasy, Violin, Flute, "ADSR" - which is the programmable section: and 8-digit number is entered to control 8 parameters each can have 10 different values for thousands of sound possibilities. The built-in beatbox offers these rhythms: Marc, Waltz, 4-Beat, Swing, Rock-1, Rock-2, Bossanova, Rhumba, Beguine. The built-in sequencer holds 100 steps which then can be sequenced with adding rhythmic one key play on top of it. The synth is monophonic. Input jack for external power adapter.

Casio VL Tone synthesizer
Programmable Mini Synth

Description: The Casio VL-Tone was actually the first synthesizer product Casio ever launched in the early 80's. This little guy actually has quite a bit to offer for it's price: Ultra Cheezy early digital synth sounds, the famous cheezy beatbox, sound programming features and a digital sequencer! Not to mention: It also can be used as a calculator.

Condition: The unit is fully working and was recently first repairedm, then overhauled: All the controls elements such as switches and sliders were cleaned and lubricated.Physical condition: good and clean, some minor signs of use.

Condition: Very Good and clean. Works perfectly! Some (minor) signs of use

Lot: Casio VL-1 calculator/synth, protective cover, owners manual, music bookelt

Work performed (to present this unit in perfect and reliably working condition): Repaired contact for the display. De-oxydized control sand switches. Physical cleaning and detail work.

Prices: $45.00

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

OR: Quick Check Out Shopping cart button below will bill you approximately $60 ($45 + $15= Shipping DEPOSIT) Payment processed through PAYPAL. With Payment I will: pack, then calculate actual shipping cost to your ZIP code (within continental USA only!), refund the shipping cost over payment (if any), SHIP and e-mail tracking number. I reserve right to cancel order by refunding your entire payment. If need to approve shipping costs, before I ship, please use: Buy/Inquire instead. Please READ and agree to All details before proceding here.


Vintage Digital Drum Machines - Sample Based

Boss DR-660 Dr. Rhythm
- refurbished! -

Boss Dr. Rythm Drum Machine

Feature Overview:
255 Sample Based 16 Bit Sounds w/ editing - Great Sound!
Different Drum Kits to select from
Great for jamming and to add drums

Description: A full features professional drum machine with amazing sound. Program it or play it with the built-in pads (or an external Midi controller). Perfect for guitar players, song writers, and othe rsolo musicicnas and bands to add professionally sounding drums to their music. Boss is a sub-division or Roland corporation.

255 16-bit sounds with extensive editing
Built-in digital reverb, delay, chorus and flange
39 drum kits; 250 patterns; 100 songs
Stereo outputs, plus two individual outputs

Specifications: Max Polyphony: 12 Voices
Instruments: 255
Effects: Reverb, Chorus
Rhythm Patterns: 150 User, 100 Preset
Song: 100
Resolution: 96 per quater note
Tempo: 20 - 260
Display: LCD
Pads: 16
Connections: MIDI (In/Out), Output (R, L/MONO), Individual (1,2), Phones, AC In
Dimensions: 215 x 165 x 57mm
Weight: 720g

More Analog Drum Machines HERE!

Condition: Sorry about the poor image - due to image compression. Will be glad to e-mail Hi-Res photos - Inquire. Actual machine shown though. Physical condition: Very Clean with only minor signs of use. Working condition: Works perfectly. Was refurbished to address typical age related problems for reliable and fully working perfomance.

Work performed (to present this unit in perfect and reliably working condition (and to qaddress typical aged related problems): Restored the data input encoder for proper operation. Replace the internal back-up battery. Re-soldered aged solder points. De-oxydized potentiometers. Physical cleaning and detail work.

Lot: 1 Boss DR-660 drum mnachine plus the original Boss AC power adaper (117V).

Prices: $ 78.00

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

OR: Quick Check Out Shopping cart button below will bill you $102 ($78 + $24= Shipping DEPOSIT) Payment processed through PAYPAL. With Payment I will: pack, then calculate actual shipping cost to your ZIP code (within continental USA only!), refund the shipping cost over payment (if any), SHIP and e-mail tracking number. I reserve right to cancel order by refunding your entire payment. If need to approve shipping costs, before I ship, please use: Buy/Inquire instead. Please READ and agree to All details before proceding here.


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