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Solutions for a variety of phono / turn table related challenges!

Phono Pre Amplifiers to hook a turntable to computer sound card, a CD recorder and any other equipment that does not provide a phono input
Turn Table Mixers to hook turntables together for recording or for DJ applications
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How to determine size of a lost turn table belt

How to measure the size of a turn table belt

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Need a new belt for a belt drive turn-table?

Turn table belts stretch over time and they are hard to find, but I am proud to be able to offer a wide range of belts. As there are thousands of turn table models it is impossible for me to know, or even to research what turn table needs which belt. (Original part numbers do not help.) What is needed to get a turn table that fits are
3 items of measurement information:

how to measure belts

1: Belt length (total length of the belt)
2: Width of the belt
3: Thickness of the belt

How to measure a worn or lost belt (Information - Click Here!)

Please determine measurements before ordering and compensate for wear. A new belt is
between 3% and 5% shorter than a used one. Belts are not retunable.

These belts are currently in stock:

  Turn Table Belts Please select carefully - Belts are not returnable!

Belt Lenght Belt Width Belt Thickness
$18.99 ea.
$18.99 ea.
$18.99 ea.
$18.99 ea.

  Other Belts:

AKAI X-1800SD, Main Drive Belt / Capstan Belt $14.99 ea.
LESLIE, 2 Speed, O-Ring / Round Belt OUY OF STOCK

MINI Turntable / Record Changer Drive Belts.
MINI Drive Belt ©2007 ultraeelctronicactive.com
These replace vintage 50's record players and changers mini belts, such as used in Silvertone, Webcor, Voice of Music, etc. Size (check with your unit!): 1.95" x 0.019 x 0.032 (smaller than a penny!)
$14.99 ea.

Need other belts not shown here?
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A new cartridge?


Standard Mount Stereo Magnetic Cartridge - works with most Hi-Fi Players

1/2" standard mount cartridge



Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Description: This is a magnetic stereo cartidge made by Audio Technica to fit most stereo / Hi-Fi turn tables. It is mounted with 2 screws, one on each side (1/2") - refferred to as "standard mount". It will fit above listed standard-mount headshell. This unit can be used in any turn table that uses standard mount cartidges. A generic cost effective, but quality replacement, especially if the stylus for your cartridge is no longer available.

Technical data: Stylus: Spherical Diamond. Tracking force: 1.5 - 2.5 g. Mounting: 1/2" (Standard mount). Chanel separation: @1Khz: 25 db, @10Khz: 15 db. Frequency response: 20 hz-20 Khz.

Audio hook-up: Audio output voltage of this cartridge is at standard "phono" input level. If your system does not provide a "phono" input check into above pre amplifier. Without it extremly low play volume and poor tone quality will result.

Lot: 1 New AT standard mount caridge with new stylus and mounting hardware. Installation information.

16 / 33 / 45 / 78 RPM CRYSTAL / CERAMIC CARTRIDGE - Generic replacement for many vintage stereo and mono players, for which the needed original cartridge is no longer available. (See: Installation information!)

Most crystal cartridges are vintage and more than 30 years old. Due to age they have degraded chemically over time resulting in loss of output or poor sound quality. Replacing an aged cartridge with a recently manufactured cartridge will restore, and may even improve. the sound quality of yoru tunrtable!

Ceramic Cartridge

Description: This ceramic / crystal cartridge is of recent manufacturing date and was manufactured to original Tetrad specifications, to be used for 16 / 33 / 45 / 78 RPM tunrtables, record players and record changers, that were originally equipped with a ceramic or crystal cartridge.
Please note that the manufacturer of this cartridge provides it's installed flip over stylus to carry 2 regular LP stylie. If intending to use this cartridge at other speeds than 33 or 45 RPM, please order the below listed Multi-Speed stylus in addition. This cartridge is an excellent replacement for the aged cartridges and will restore faded sound to it's original glory, or even improve it, giving your unit new life for time to come. This cartridge also operates with a lower tracking force, and if installed properly can reduce record wear.

Technical information: Stylus: Flip-Over type stilie - Different stylie are avaialbe for this type of cartridge, Materials can be diamond, or saphire. sizes may vary for rmicrogroove (33/45 RPM) or wide groove (78 RPM). Crystal or Ceramic cartridges are quite different from magnetic cartridges. The main differences are that crystal cartridges have a higher audio output and a different frequecy response. Their output can be hooked up directly to the line level of an audio device without the requirement of a phono pre amplifier. Their sound quality, however is considered inferior, if compared to that of a magnetic cartridge system.

Installation information: While I have been sucessful to upgrade almost any player with this cartridge: This cartridge only provides one short center mount hole, which is non standard - and may require special modifications to your turn table to make it fit. So: If not replacing the exact same model of the cartridge, that is installed in your player: This cartridge may be difficult to mount and may require modifications to your tone arm - Please do not purchase, unless you are qualified to install.

The electrical connections of this cartidge are non-standard, as extremely small and require advanced soldering skills for it's installation. I recommned this to be performed only by those, with well developed electronic soldering skills. Unskilled soldering will damage the cartridge and
cannot be covered under warranty. If unable to install, please don't purchase this item.
I can do needed modifications to your player and tone arm and install this cartridge in your system. Cost: $115 including parts and labor for modification and installation - shipping not included. Please pre-check with me to confirm that your unit is compatible.)

Lot: 1 New Crystal/Ceramic cartridge as shown above, has flip-over stylus installed with 2 LP stylie (If other speeds are needed than 33+45 purchase below listed stylus in addition!); 4 wire connectors w/ installation instructions (- requires well developed electronic soldering skills!), or original plug without installation instructions (if available!)

Price: $37.99
Cartride SOLD OUT! Stylus still available (See Below!)

16 / 33 / 45 / 78 RPM replacement Stylus for above Crystal / Ceramic Cartridge

replacement stylus

Description: This is the replacement stylus for above ceramic cartridge but also will replace these Tetrad stylie: 53D, 53S, 63D, 63S, A3, B3, C3, T5HD. It will replace the following needles of other cartridges: N782, 3307D6, AC449DS, T-9XSD, TD5073DS, 689SD, W403. This stylus is used in: Tetrad, Airline 60-13, EV5124 and many others.

Technical information:

Type: Flip-Over type stilie - one on each side: 1 diamond, 1 Saphire - each for "All speeds"
Stylus Tip Material: Diamond and Saphire
Tip Radius:.0007 x 0.003
Speeds (acording the the manufacturer): ALL (16, 33, 45, 78)

Price: $15.00

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A 78 RPM compatible magnetic quality cartridge?
I can provide a new SHURE cartridge that is especially designed to play back wide groove records, such as 78 RPM records. Includes 78 RPM stylus. Cost:
$89 for the cartridge, $135 mounted and protractor aligned in a standard head shell

Inquire for parts not shown here


Standard Headshells:

head shell

Universal head shell, black, aluminum, with quick connect wires. Fits most turn tables, but not all . (Photo above shows 2 head shells for illustration of detailled information.)

Fits these types of tone arms:

Head shell connector - standard turntable

Lot: 1 headsell, standard mount, new.

Price: $13.00 each.

78 RPM Headshell with Cartridge.


The perfect 78 RPM / Wide Groove Solution! Just unplug your regular headshell, plug in this headshell for 78 RPM, readjust the counter weight and play. This head shell is ready to go - mounted and assembled. It contains a quality Shure 78 RPM cartridge and the needed wide groove stylus. It will fit most modern tunrtables. For the type of arm / head-shell connector, please see above photo (in th ehead-shell section underneath the phot of the head-shells)

Lot: 1 Headsell, 1 Shure M-78-S cartrdige, 1 Shure wide groove stylus. Components new.

$125 with Turn Table purchase.)

(add to cart @ $135.00)

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Rare and Odd Headshells:

unusual headshells

The item shown in the top section of above image is the head shell from a JVC turntable with quick connect wires. I have seen simmilar headshells being used in AKAI and other Japanese tunrtables. It mounts a standard 1/2" cartridge. (Photo above shows 2 photos for illustration of detail - only 1 available!)

Lot: 1 headsell, JVC, used good.

Price: $35.00

The item shown in the lower section of above image is the head shell from an Amercian made turntable with quick connect wires. It mounts a standard 1/2" cartridge. (The photo above shows 2 photos for illustration of detail - only 1 available!)

Lot: 1 headsell, American made, used good.

Price: $35.00

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Counter Weights:

Tunrtable Counter Weights

Availalbe are these 4 Counter weights (
only one available each - payment links will be removed as these sell.):

1.This Counter weight came from a Technics tunrtable (Model unknown) The diameter of the hole is: 7/16" or 11 mmm (aprox), so it will fir tone arms with about this thickness.

Price: $35.00

2.This Counter weight came from a Pioneer tunrtable (Model unknown) This counterweight will fit tone arms of about 8.5 mm (11/32") in diameter.

Price: $35.00

3.This Counter weight came from a BSR (Uncertain about the make, and model unknown) This counterweight appears to have 2 diameters: narrower at the rear and wider at the front. Diameters are: FRONT 15/32" or 12 mm, REAR: 7/16 or 11 mm. Depth before the diameter changes from wider to narrower: 1 5/32", or 29.5 mm.

Price: $35.00

4.This Counter weight came from a DUAL (Uncertain about the make, and model unknown) This counterweight comes in 2 (actually 3) parts. There is an inner counter weight that provides a shaft, which is held in by a C-clip, and then there is an outer counter weight which fits over the inner weight. It provides a set-screw. It is possible to remove th eouter counter weight for lighter overall weight. The shaft from the inner counter weight is about 1/4" or 5mm in diameter and extends (with the ext weight mounted) to about 7/8" or 24 mm.: Overall weight of the assembly. is: 1 1/2 or 2 oz with the external counter weight (will genrate a lrger force due to the extension)

Price: $35.00

Turntable Rubber Mat
This rubber mat likely will fit many turntables to be placed on top of thE platter, but came from a Technics SL-BD22 tunrtable, Technics part numbers embossed into underside of the mat: SFTGB93MO01K 9T and: SFTGB93MO1K


It is in excellent and clean condition. It looks almost like new. Replace or install a rubber mat on your turntable. Diameter: 11 3/8 (aprox.)

This platter rubber has a Technics logo embossed into the rubber near the center (shown in picture - barely visible in picture).

1 Technics SL-BD22 Platter Mat $ 25.00

I have more rubber matts Inquire

A Phono Pre-Amplifier allows you to hook up a turn table to any audio equipment that provides only standard inputs and lacks the needed "phono" inputs.

phono pre-amp

Your system does not have a "Phono" input? Get a phono pre-amplifier!

Most modern equipment made today does not provide an input to connect turn tables
. Thus if connecting a tunrtable to such equipment, this results in an extrmely weak and faint audio singal. A phono pre amplifier is the solution, as it will amplify and equalized the output of a turntable to match line level inputs, so that it can be hooked up to any standard AUX, LINE, CD, DVD, MD, VCR, or TAPE inputs of modern audio equipment, including the audio inputs of computer sound cards. Extend any audio device with standard inputs to provide a Phono input!

You know you will need a phono pre-amplifier when you listen to your records and only get a faint and thin sound from your turntable, when you know everything else in your system is working propperly.

A phono pre-amplifier amplifies the cartridge output (6 mV) to standard line level (500 mV) and it will equalize the signal to RIAA curve (boost bass and equalize other frequencies that were changed to control record grove width).

Transfer your records to the digital domain, burn archival CD copies or MP3's of your record collection. This unit hooks between your turn table and your stereo component, or recording device, including to a computer sound card or audio input (cable adapter needed.).

Features: 2 Inputs to hook up 1 stereo turn table 2 outputs to feed the stereo signal to your amplifier / recording device. Power for this device is supplied by a built-in AC power supply. This unit has a standard 110V AC Power chord.

Lot: 1 stereo phono pre amplifier.
Condition: New

Price: $44.95

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Have more than one turn table? - see below:

Need to connect a turntable with a Moving Coil Cartridge (MC)? -> Check out this Pre-Amplifier!

Changer Spindles:

Changer Spindle

This is a vintage TELEFUNKEN changer spindle from the 50's, made in Germany, in it's original box. The box is lablelled with: "Aufsetzachse 38 KU zum Telefunken-Plattenwechselr TW 560 TW 561 TW 570 TW 571. Für Abspielen vin 17 cm Shalplatten mit großem (38 mm duchmesser) Mittelloch", which means:Changer spindle model 38 KU for changers model number: TW 560 TW 561 TW 570 TW 571. It is to be used with 45 RPM singles

The part is in used, good condition and complete.

Lot: 1 Telefunken 38 KU singles changer spindel in original Telefunken box as shown.

Price: $45.00 SOLD!

Only 1 spindle available and when sold it's gone!
(Will reomove payment link when sold..)

Changer Spindle

This is a vintage Silvertone record changer spindle adaptor from the 50's, made in the USA, This spindle will alllow to play stacked 45 singles automatically. It was made t o work with Silvertoen models: 2067, 2068 and 2069, but may work with players that use a similar spindle as well. The spindle of this changer is straight and its original part number was: 84-1250. The holder bracket for the adapter, which will mount to a changer cabinet is included (shown)

The part is in used, good condition and complete.

Lot: 1 Silvertone changer spindle adaptor for large hole 45 ROM single records (standard) as shown and described above.

Price: $39.00

Only 1 spindle available and when sold it's gone! But I also have the original oweners manual for this changer, parts of the service manual and 3 walco Diamond stylie in boxes (cond. unknown, but there is a sales receipt so they could be unused) PLEASE Inquire

(Will reomove payment link when sold..)

Inquire for parts not shown here

Turntable Dust Cover

Llikely will fit many turntables, but it came from a Technics SL-BD22 tunrtable,

Dust Cover for Technics Tunrtable

This Dust cover is in good to excellent condition with the usual fine scratches etc due to the age. Replace or install a dustcover on your turntable. Dimensions are: (aprox.) 16 5/8" x 12 7/8" x 2" (slightly wider at the bottom, narrower on the top)

The dust cover has extensions that would slide into the hinges.

1 Technics SL-BD22 Dustcover $ 35.00 SOLD!

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