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Turtnable / Record Changer
Frounded Power Calbe to eliminate hum?

Question:©Do you think its a good idea to install a 3 prong power plug and then eliminate the external ground wire? or is this a waste of time? I do want to replace the RCA cables what size do you recomend? just to impove on the sound quality
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Answer: Ground needs to be to the amplifier chassis, not power earth ground - A completely different ground refference So: NO on that one. Use a separate ground cable, which in most cases gets connected form the tone arm metal to the chassis of the turntable then to the chassis of the amplifer. Follow the existing ground wire to see where it connects and do no change that. The thicker the grounding cable, the more effective. I originally had thought that it would not that critical, but with experimenting had to learn different. In regards to audio cables: Audio

cable ideally no longer than needed, and the more space between signal and shielding (the thicker) the better. You could use quality hi-End audio cables and cut the plugs off at one end. Or modify the turntable by adding quality RCA jacks at the back (proper shilding may apply).

Other than that: If wishing to get a standard turntable cable with and integrated ground conductor: I have a couple qualuty turntable audio cables form turntables that I parted out. I can e-mail photo.

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