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Belt - How to replace (even if missing) / install

Photos shows how to install a turtnable belt

Question:©I have a beltdrive Turntable. I have no idea what the original size of the belt was as it was 25 years old and literally crumbled. I do know that it was flat and quite narrow in width. I purchased a belt, but it looks too big and I don't understand the manual directions as to how to replace it under the platter.
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Answer: To install a turntable belt the turntable platter has to come off. Remove the rubber mat that is placed on top of the platter by lifting it off. There will be 2 round holes that allow to grip the platter. Hold the platter there and then pull it up with a sudden jolt, so that it will come off from the center spindle. On msot belt drive turntables there are no other screws etc. to loosen - it just comes off.
Once the platter is removed place it upside down in front of you (photo: top). You will discover a ledge at the inside of the platter that goes all around. This is where your belt needs to be placed - all around that ledge. If the belt is of the right size if will fit snug all around the ledge and it

should stay there, even when if the platter is turned back over. If the belt falls off when the platter is turned over, then the belt is too large and the right size should be purchased. Next: lift the belt off the rim (as shown in the photo) with your finger and while keeping it lifted off turn the platter over and place and by reaching through one of the large holes in the platter pull the belt so that it lifts off form the rim. Use thum to hold the belt away form the rim and then place the platter back onto the center spindle of the turntable. Once the platter is installed, rotate the platter (witht the belt lifted form the rim, until you see the brass motor pulley. Lift the belt onto the pulley, so that the pulley lifts the belt of the platter's ledge, or in other words that the pulley can now drives the belt (photo: bottom). Try operating the turntable. If all works as it is supposed to work: re-install the rubber mat by placing it on top of the platter.

In addition in regards to measuring the size of a possibly needed belt, I have more detailed info on this HERE
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