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How to keep it up / maintain it well

Question:©Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my turntable in good playing condition and on how to care for the stylus?
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Answer: The best preventative maintenance to keep the stylus at it's best is to keep records clean before playing them, by using a record cleaner (velvet type rectangular is better than a impregnated dust cloth as the cleaning agent of the cloth mat gum up the record grooves - cleaning with either tool: Always use in the direction of the groove as not to introduce scratches, in other words: clean while turning the record).
When the turntable is not in use to install the dust cover to prevent the player form accumulating dust. And: to put records back into their cover after playing them to avoid for them to get dusty.

The stylus is best cleaned dry with a fine brush - if nothing else on hand a clean tooth brush with fine hair will do. To clean: always stroke the brush from the back towards the front of the cartridge, as not to bend the stylus. Other than that it should not need much maintenance.
In regards to the difference between 78 RPM records and LPs: The groove is wider on 78's than on LP's. Always use the right kind of stylus for the right kind of record, as an LP stylus does not quite fill the groove (stylus is too narrow and can get damaged, damage to the record and noisy playback, as it skids along the side walls of the groove); and: a 78 stylus on LPs does not fit into the groove as too big (thus skips, results in poor sound, may damage the record and wears unevenly)

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