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Turtnable / Record Changer
The Anti Scating. What it is, and Adjustment

Question:©I have a turtnable that is supposed to have an anti scating weight next ot the tone arm. It is missing. Does this effect performance?
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Answer: When first starting to play a record the cartridge is parallel to the record groves. As the tone arm moves into the record towards the center post while playing, the cartridge is at an angle in relation to the record groove. To compensate for that, anti scating puts an ever so slight pressure against the needle by pulling the tone arm back towards the edge of the record. On average turntables I tend not to hear that much difference between no anti scating force set (if adjustable: set to zero) and anti scating force set properly set. In other words: In many cases I do not deem for this to be very critical. I beleive though: the more expensive or sensitive the cartridge, that is used, maybe even more particular to cartridges that use an eliptical stylie (versus conical), the more important it becomes to consider proper setting of the anti scating adjustment.

Note: for most turntables the value for the anti scating force is to be set about equal to the tracking force specifically required for the stylus in the cartridge that is installed in the turtnable, which is: usally supplied with the specs sheet that came with the cartridge (search for on the web) and typically between 1.7 and 2.5 gramms

If you want to replace the missing anti scating weight: on rare occasions I have these available - Inquire. Other than that: It is usually comprised of a tiny weight (equivalent to a small piece of hardware, such as substituted by a nut) connected to a piece of nylon string (such as thin fishing line (- something that slides well - possibly even grease) with a loop-knot, so that can be hooked into the grooves of the anti scating lever. If wanting to be accurate: observe the tracking force required for the cartridge installed in your turtnable and find a hardware nut that weights about that much. That should approximate the needed tracking force. But possibly consult the original owners manual for your turntable to get a clearer understanding about in what range it needs to be, as often adjustable.
General Information in regards to the "anti scating" topic: German made Dual turntables often have a very detailed description in their owners manual that may shed additional understanding. Sometimes these oweners manuals can be found as a free download on the web.
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