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Vintage Audio Equipment
Buying used versus quality refurbished.

Question: I have seen similar equipment to what you are offering for less on popular auction sites.
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Answer: The equipment I offer has been carefully refurbished for: long term relaibility and to perform as close as feasible to original specification. Servicing audio equipment since 1979 and supporting every item ever sold at my regular shop rate.
As vintage audio equipment more than 30 year old, each piece of equipment takes considerable investments in refurbishing with a quality job, so that it will work reliably. Thus items are priced higher. I am offering great value for the money for each and every item, as it would cost much more to buy an item at an auction site and then have it refurbished with a job that

matches the quality I provide. To buy a working unit in original condition. without refurbishing it first is not a good idea, as parts due to age, even if the unit appears to be working, are simply prone to failure and often perform poorly, so the joy of having "saved" money will quickly evaporate, as more likely than not: it will end costing you much more in the longer run! I get regular inquiries such as: "Seller said it was working, now not working anymore, can you help?"
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