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Calling me

Question: How do I reach you best to talk to you on the telephone?
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Answer: I wishing to call me: Please E-Mail me first with all of the details that are the reson for your call, and then call to leave message with your e-mail address and best time to reach you.

My first response to your inquiry will be by e-maiI. I prefer to review the details of your inquiry first and prepare all needed for the answers to your inquiry, possibly even e-mail you photos or documents before talking with you, so that a call will be most efficient!

And: I would prefer to set up a telephone appointment.

I will be happy to connect with you and glad help - and go the extra mile, where and when ever possible, and where others might have long given up, but when your call is about other, than discussing the details in regards to arranging for the purchase of the products, or ordering the services that I offer, then please make use of my vintage audio consulting services:

Vintage Audio Consulting Services

Vintage Audio Restoration Service

E-Mail Me

Calling: Please leave message when calling - unsolicited calls forced to screen calls.

USA Pacific Standard Time 10 AM - 9PM

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