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Vintage Audio Equipment
Iformation - What do you bill for?

Question: What services do you offer? Can you apraise the value of equipment? What's the charge for an appraisal?
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Answer: I am refurbishing, repairing, custom modifying and custom engineering and designing solutions for vintage audio and music equipment. All of my work time spent unfortunately needs to pay for my bills. Thus I do need to bill for all the services that I provide at my regular shop rate - by actual work time spent.

I will be glad to answwer technical questions and prepare appriausals for equipment owned by the customer. I greatfully apppreciate to be at your service - and will joyously work to provide the best product possible for your payment.

If you tell me what you wish to have appraised I can get back to you with how much I would need to bill for that. Accurate appriasals generally require me to find several direclty comparable items that have sold, ideally all recently, price and information details veryfiable, to write up a comparative evalauation of these sales, to come out with an exact value apraisal.
I can give a value estimation instead, which is less involved, and allows to spend and bill for much less work time.
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