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Vintage USA made Audio Equipment
How to know which year it was made?

Question:©I have a Magnavox record player console. The model number is bg-6960. I cant find anything about it on the net. I was hopeing you could be able to help. I just want to know when it was made.
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Answer: Some components and parts used in any USA made equipment form the 30's through 70's (such as: loudspeakers, trasnformers, motors. large capacitors, etc.) have encoded date codes stamped on them, which help to determine when made and by whom. These are called EIA codes and most often are 6 digit numbers: The frist 3 digits is a code the manufacturer. The last three digits the date code, where the first digit is the the year and the last 2 digits the week when made in that year. For example: I found this number stamped in black ink on the frame of a loudpeaker

installed in a portable record player: 232 944 This means: 1) Made by Magnavox (Magnavox = 232 as the first section of the code) and as the second part of the code: in the 44 th week of 1959 (9 = 1959 and 42 = 42nd week of) My assumption would be that, this record player probably was a 1960 model as parts for it made in the last quarter of 1959. Google for which EIA code applies to which manufacturer and more detailed information about variances in code composition.

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