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Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifier / Receiver
Vintage versus Modern of recent production

Question: How does a Fisher 500C compare in sound quality to modern day vaccuum tube amps
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Answer: Modern tube amplifiers compared to vintage are a completely different ball game. As tubes are more sensitive than solid state components, the goal of the ultimate modern tube amplifier is to have "no sound" to it and to produce as much resolution and linearities as possible, to be be as sterile or "without any character" or as accurate as possible, to give detailed imaging and true representation of the room in which the music was recorded, etc. This is often achieved by adding solid state regulation and control circuitry in addition to the tubes, meaning that many modern tube amplifiers are actually hybrids and many use printed circuit boards versu svintage point to point wiring. Obviously that results in different sound than what a vintage all tube amplifier would provide.

Vintage equipment in comparison may often be classified as "warm" and many appreciate it's "vintage" or "natural" sound". This often is due to preferred non linearities and impurities. I call it the "fuzz factor".
If coming form wanting to purchase a modern recent production tube amplifier but asking me for the vintage amplifers that I offer, my suggestion would be to have a vintage unit completely refurbished and maybe even upgraded and modified, to come closer in sound towards how modern equipment sounds. Also: generally speaking listeners of different music prefer different equipment. Vintage equipment appears often to be preferred by those, who listen to music that involves acoustic instruments or used tube amplifiers in its' creation. One not necessarily better than the other: simply different: warm and muddy versus open sound and amazing? Maybe I am saying too much here. At any rate: I can modify a tube amplifer to how you want it to sound. Possibly even merging both sound concepts.
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