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Vintage Vacuum Tube Receiver - AS-IS
Sansui 1000A - Worth it? Parts? And: How to restore?

Question: I purchased a non working Sansui 1000A tube receiver for £120.00. Only some very faint sound coming through and need knobs. Is that a good deal - was it worht it?
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Answer: Value is: how much it is worth to you. I bought one once - complete but barely working. At the I have deemed it to be worth it, but as restoration work unfolded had to spend hours and hours and hours working on it - to move forward item by item. I am unsure if I will restore a 1000A ever again - too much work as too much circuitry in it, but it is a highly desired reciver. A customer of mine who had both the Fisher 500C and the Sansui 1000A clearly preffered the 1000A over the 500C.

Question: There is some very faint sound coming through from aux input,to output....
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Answer: Don't operate the unit until ideally ALL capacitors throughout the entire unit replaced - otherwise you may damage the transformers - output and power, possibly tubes. Foremost and first: replace all electrolytics in the power supply and the coupling caps between driver and output tubes.

Question: Tuning knob and other knobs missing. Big problem finding
©2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
Answer: As it may take hours and hours to find body parts for vintage gear, ideally only buy if equipment complete, but I do have knobs to choose form, HERE and: vintage

knobs in these boxes (about 300 different types of knobs!): HERE (please refer to the item number in my photos, or to the coordinates in the images (For example: Item #32 or: Colums A through L, Rows: 1 through 12; example: Knobs in G 8)

Question: The knobs that are still there are VERY firmly fixed to shafts, any tips on how to remove?
©2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
Answer: Penetrating oil. Let soak. Carefully pry off from the bottom while pulling form the top. I made a plastic shim that I can wedge between knob and face plate, which prevents for the face plate getting damaged when using a screw driver to pry off. Penetrating oil in combination with heating the knob up with a small gas torch in extreme cases can be done here, as the knobs are full bodied metral.

Question: I may have damaged one of the rotary wafer switches, are these fairly easy to replace?
©2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
Answer: NO - point to point wired with lots of connecting wires with wire links wired to tother switched as well. If you have the replacment part: move wire by wire from the old switch to the new. In regards to the part: The exact switch is very hard to find. Although: I may have one as I parted out a 1000A about 20 years ago. Need to see photo and the details, such as which switch, how many positions, how many contacts, etc. see details as to what I need HERE.
With the purchase of parts, I can include a schematic of the unit.
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