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Stereo Consolesm
I have one and want to learn how to refurbish it myself

Question:©What Do I need to learn how to refurbish my vintage stereo console?
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Answer: That woudl fill a book, but here a short answer:

1) Read up on how to handle high voltage. Always un-plugged when working on electronics. Capacitors that potentially still could carry voltage even when off: properly discharge!

2) Learn how to solder. And: Get a multi meter and learn how to use it.

3) electronics: if replacing capacitors understand (read up on) all there is to know. The most important: Capacitors need to have the same voltage range and need to be installed with observing the polarity for electrolytic capacitors. The most important capacitors to replace (must replace!) are: all in filter caps in the power supply. The coupling capacitors between driver and output tubes (for vacuum tube based consoles)
These 2 sets of capacitors replaced will prevent that transformers in your console burn up, should other parts that you did not replace fail thus preventing the need to replace the transformers which are the most hared to find and most expensive electronics parts.

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4) Read up on general vintage audio equipment maintenance, such as to understand what contact cleaner is for and how to use it. And similar knowledge. Once you know: Treat all switches, potentiometers, contacts, plugs, and tube sockets. That alone will help quite a bit to get things basically working again!

5) refurbishment of record changer chassis is a topic in itself.
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I can help with things if you wanted to ship in the electronics or a record changer chassis, but will have to bill my regular shop rate. Refurb of a record changer chassis is typically in the $180-$250 range.
Other electronics: Will have to see what it is (photo - rear wall removed so that the electronics can be seen in detail) and then I can tell more detail.

Generaly I am always glad to help, but need to get paid for my time. I think I am probably about an hour into answering your e-mails, so would prefer if you could use my paid consulting time link, if needing equipment re-viewed or having questions about specifics in regards on to how to refurbish.

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