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Reel to Reel Deck
Motor is bad

Question: I am looking for a Sony IC-624H1 Main motor for a Sony TC-630 reel to reel recorder. Would like original or substitute / generic replacement for this model?
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Answer: If you want to pay the full price for a motor I can possibly find and sell you one, but most motors can be repaired unless the motor winding burned out in overheating due to running a defective deck with a leaky motor run cap for too long .

There are generally two major potential problems with motors in reel to reel decks (and other audio equipment that uses brushless motors):

1) lubrication dried out / crystalized - freezes the shaft in the bushing. That happnes a lot these days with any sychronous motor, simply due to age.

This problem can remedied by cleaning the bearings / bushing out, then re-lubricating, which requires to take it apart and clean out all the old lubricant (WD40 and then alcohol will do) - then re-lubricate. It should spin freely and if it does: the motor is alive again!.

2) Some decks use motor run capacitors that age and start leaking current. Symptom: motor slows down and over heats. That happens a lot in the TC-630 these days, simply due to age of the capacitor.

On those machines that use motor run caps (such as many of the Sony TC series models): check and replace the motor run cap, especially if in an aluminum can with a rubber stopper. Replacement caps of any kind have proven to me to be successful, as long as capacitance and voltage and heat rating were maintaned. Most of the time the motor still is good, as the deck will run slow with a defective cap and conscious people stop unsing it.

The repair of these two issues saves more than 80% of the motors that people want to replace and pain in trying to find this type of obsolete part.

Any motor refurb attempt should ideally address both of these issues and then likely there won't be any more motor problems for decades to come, if doen right.
2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
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