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Reel to Reel Decks
I have one. Is it worth refubishing.

Question:©I have a reel to reel deck that I bought a long time ago. Is refurbish / repair possible and worth it?
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Answer: All in life is relative. So the question may be: how much would it be worth to you to keep the machine running and for how long? If it is just about playing factory pre-recorded music, you might consider getting an MP3 player to play the same music with more ease and less cost - admited thogh: at lower sound quality! If it is about the sound, or the experience to actually work this deck and to keep it running, then it might be worth to decide what a reasonable budget is, to invest into it. To consider: reel to reel decks are among the most time intensive items to maintain in properly and reliably workign condition, as electronics, all mechanics and alignments have to be perfect (and it take a bit of work for each item to get it there) before the entire machine will be reliable. Different deck require different amounts of work.

If the machine was regularly maintained by a professional service facility and regularly over the years with quality work, then very likely less work will be needed if it is not working now, but if deck which has worn out heads, then even the most elaborate work will be pointless, as an otherwise perfect machine with worn heads still will perform poorly. Heads are very hard to find these days and replacing them, if possible at all, can be easily $600-$1200 just for the heads. To determine how worn the heads are might be the first item to check, before making further decisions. A meticuosly. professionally and regularly maintained deck with good heads possibly can be repeaired in the $100-$200 range, to refubish the average deck properly with quality work in the $300-$800 range, and up, if the heads need to be replaced, and even more, if attempting to have the deck restored to perfrom to original specs comparable to when new. Due ot age: The more parts replaced the more reliable the deck.
If you want to ship the deck in I gan carefully examine it in every regard and give you an estimate.

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