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Reel to Reel Decks
What is the difference between quadraphonic and 4 Channel multi track?

Question:©What is different between quadraphonic and multi track reel to reel recorders?
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Answer: The difference between the multi track decks meant for studio recording is mainly the technology used for recording. Quadraphonic decks usually record either in stereo (track 1+ 2) at the same time, or quadraphonic (all 4 tracks at once). Quad decks do not allow to play and record at the same time, where in contrast a multi track deck supports to record to any one track or all tracks separately, while playing previously recorded other track in perfect sync to the recorded track.
The difference between different types of reel to reel decks: How many heads they have ( 1st = erase, 2nd = recording / +playback for 2 head decks, 3rd = playback head for monitoring the recorded signal, if a 4th head there: usually used for decks that

play / record auto reverse), how many motors they have (1 motor is standard; 3 motors is high end - this results in more stable speed, as one motor is dedicated to controlling the play speed , compared to having to do it all); and what largest size reel in conjunction to maximum recording speed. The higher the speed the more resolution and detail in sound. For optimal sound quality studio decks operate on higher speeds than consumer decks, which is 15 or sometimes even 30 IPS. The standard for home decks is 7 1/2 IPS for the fastest speed. Most high quality factory pre-recorded tapes are recorded onto 7" reels at 7 1/2 IPS (lower grade: same reel size, but at 3 3/4 IPS)

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