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78 RPM Records to CD / MP3
What equipment needed / How much?

Question:©I have a 78 rpm record that my grandfather and grandmother made in the 1940's after they were married. I also have other 78's from their collection dated late 1930's to 40's. I have read and researched until I am dizzy. What player do you recommend for converting this priceless gem to Cd / mp3? I would probably need the phono amp and usb set-up to capture to my computer. I need your guidance with this purchase to make the correct decision. I await your response.
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Answer: My question to you would be, if converting the records for your own usage, or to re-publish commercially (the need for professional studio equipment). As you are referring to MP3 I assume the first. I personally use high quality direct drive turntables, custom modified to 78 RPM with a magnetic cartridge and the needed 78 RPM wide groove stylus for the best audio quality on the turntable side. Then to address how to get the analog sound to a quality digital file. The proper equipment for quality results - 78 RPM quality turntable with magnetic cartridge and 78 stylus + quality USB audio interface for recording with

your home computer will be in the $400 to $600 range, and more for professional equipment.
You mention one record without putting much emphasis on a large record collection, thus the question arises, if it would be more economical to have these records converted, which I can do for you. To give you an estimate for that I would need to know how many record sides to record.
If this is not relevant and wanting to own your own equipment, my question is: what is your budget range? If the budget is less than mentioned above, that still will allow to get reasonable results, but likely at less than optimal quality.
My goal will be to offer the equipment resulting in the best sound quality within your budget range.
Do you need the turntable just for 78 (possibly lowers the cost), or for the other speeds (16, 33, 45) as well?

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