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10" 78 RPM Records
Different 78 RPM speeds and adjusting a turntable to it.

Question:©You custom modify turntables to 78 that provide speed adjustment. Will such turntable allow me to set the correct speed for 78's, I believe it is 78.26 rpm? Pitch and speed are they interchangeable terms
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Answer: Pitch is the resulting tuning to which a played back record would be referenced - speed is the turntable platter rotation speed. As one adjusts the speed, the pitch of the music that is played will change accordingly and thus these terms describe the same event form different perspectives. Generally direct drive turntables provide speed adjustments in the 2-10% range. I believe I implemented a user front panel accessible pitch adjustment in about the +/- 3-4% change on the turntable you were interested in, but would have to check again if you absolutely need to know the exact variation values. I calibrate 78 RPM speed (the center setting of the adjustment knob) with a precision speed disc, which is a vintage electronics shop repair tool meant for turntable speed calibration. I can provide one with the turntable if desired - so that you will have it as your own tool)

In particular the early days of 10" 78 RPM records standards were not defined uniquely, and equipment had wide tolerance ranges, and thus one finds records that greatly vary in regards to exact playback speed. There is information about these facts on the web, and also different stroboscope discs for different speed settings can be found on the web. The user accessible speed adjustment of this turntable allows to reach the most common speed ranges, but at additional cost I can do custom modifications on this turntable for you, to reach wider ranges, or pre-program any speed desired. Usually I get these types of inquiries only form people who have thousands of 10" records and are musicans themselves seeking completely precise pitch.
To get accuracy on pitch in regards to matching the pitch of the original recording requires probably a very musical ear and a great deal of knowledge in regards to the music's origin. For my own recordings I never have bothered with pitch fine tuning of 78's to that degre and simply play / record all of mine at "standard 78"
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