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Record Changer
No longer works - Would like to replace

Question: I have a turn table made by zenith it is in a old zenith stereo cabinet. I was trying to replace it with something else but it sounds pretty bad. I think it needs a amp connected to it. I need one that plays 33, 45, 78 rpm . Do you repair this type of turn table? If you need other info about the turntable please tell me. I want to restore this piece.
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Answer: If your original Zenith changer chassis does not work, but is otherwise complete (no missing or physically damaged parts) my recommendation would be to repair / refurbish the original chassis that you already have. Otherwise it is actually quite involved to replace a chassis with one of a different type / manufacturer. Items that would need to be addressed if attempting to replace:

a) that it will physically fit (in most cases requires to custom fabricate a new base plate, in many cases will not work due to space limitations in your unit)

b) adaptation of the electrical connectors to match the connectors provided in your unit: power, power switching and audio signals
c) the cartridge type will have to match, so that it will work properly with the electronics circuitry that exists in your unit.

While I am glad to offer a fully refurbished 4 speed (16,33,45,78 RPM) quality Magnavox replacement record changer chassis for $285, I still would recommend to repair the original chassis due to above mentioned reasons.
A detailed quality quality refurbish job of your Zenith chassis, that aims for reliable and lasting performance usually is in the $275 to $375 range. This work aims for the replacement of the idler wheel, replacement of the stylus (and cartridge where needed), a complete overhaul of the entire mechanical assembly (complete tear down to clean and re-lubricate each and every mechanical part!), mechanical calibrations and adjustments, and thorough cleaning and detail work.

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