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Record Changer
Record won't drop

Question: My record changer does not drop the records that I placed on the changer spindle, but otherwise seems to work.
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Answer: Is the changer spindle properly seated? It possibly may have become loose. Pull the spindle out and re-insert it until is locks into place. There is a groove in the changer spindle into which the c-clip of the turntable platter will slide and lock to)

Possibly check for these details:
In order for the unit to work right, records of the same size need to be stacked. As with any record changer: Records that have worn out centers may not drop properly and thus are to

be avoided in changer mode. Possibly check different records to determine.
After placing known good records on the changer spindle, so that they are properly positioned, the stack of records needs to be covered with the holder arm, so that all records are perfectly horizontal. The changer has to be operated on a level, solid and stable surface.
The the record size relating to the records stacked needs to be set correctly before starting the unit, and the unit has to be strated in automatic mode, so that the changer will drop the first record automatically.

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