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Organs - Hammond Chord Organ
How much worth?

Question: The Hammond S-6 Chord Organ on your web iste was sold. I have a similar item, though perhaps not as good shape (but close). I am interested in some sense of the value, e.g. what was your unit listed at
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Answer: The prices for equipment that I sell on my web site are based on the amount of work that goes into any given item to restore it to proper and reliably working condition. When one works on this type of equipment one will realize, how much time it takes to restore an item that is 50+ yeas old, so the price mine sold for will not help you much, but I can say that I used to buy this sort of thing at the local thrift store in the $50 range. I have not seen a chord organ in more than 7 years, so the price for AS-IS might have gone up, but very likely not more than $150 total for the organ.

It is pretty difficult selling an organ these days no matter how rare or fancy, because only few people know what it is, no-one has extra space to have such a relatively bulky and only somewhat useful piece of furniture, and in the light that there is strong competition form modern small sized keyboards, and computer software with MIDI keyboard controlers, which have become quite inexpensive, I think one can be indeed very very lucky to sell an AS-IS chord organ for $150. Eeven if currently fully working: it needs a lot of work to reliably work for decades to come! Mine was fully working when I got it and even with that I ended up spending about 12 hours of labor + parts to bring it to reliably and perfectly working condition).
If agreeing that such a priceless item is best treasured, kept, restored with tender loving care, and used, if needed, I possibly could help out with the owners / service manual or schematic for the S6.
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