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Tape Echo
To build one using a reel to reel deck

Question: I have seen your reel to reel decks listed on your web site. I am interested in making an actual tape echo. What is the best way to go?
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Answer: Tape echos: What will be needed form a suitable tape deck is: two amplifier electronics circuits: one to play form- and the other to record to- the tape at the same time, plus the circuitry that mixes the played signal with the recorded for repeat echos. In other words: The best type of deck is one that allows "sound on sound" recording. Sound on Sound is a feature that was provided on some more elabirate reel to reel decks and means: Play one track, mix it with an incoming signal and record the resulting signal onto another track - all at the same time. Please be free to look at my reel to reel decks. Some offer thsi feature. If wanting to have the delay time adjustable, however: on the mechanical side one would need a mechanism that allows to physically adjust the distance between the record and playback heads as that determines the delay timing. In other words: a completely different tape trasnport transport that will have to be custom

made. To implement delay time adjustment by varying the tape speed / motor RPM is problematic, as euqalization, bias, etc. will need to change with speed, which is not the case, resulting in distorted frequency response and likely not a very high quality echo. All in all a quite involved engineering project, but once figured out well worth the investment.

Just to mention it: If 2 switcheable fixed (non adjustable) delay times will work for you: I have an 1960's solid state deck for sale that as it is already can be used for a tape echo. It has echo effects at different configurations already built-in and could be used as an analog tape echo effects processor: My Concord TEAC A-1500, HERE!
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