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How to select speaker cable for best sond

Question:©What speaker cable to use?
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In the early days of vintage audio: that speaker wire had any influence over the sound was completely neglected. I am not saying that speaker wire selection does not matter, because it does, but in my eyes over rated, as today's perspectives appear to aim to sell expensive products versus comparing how different parameters affect sound. Here my own basic selection considerations:

1) the thicker the wire, the better
2) multi fiber versus solid core is better -the more fibers the better
2A) The finer the copper stands used in the wire, the better (seems to express itself in how flexible the wire is)

3) The further the 2 wire conductors of the wire pair apart from each other, the better (some companies use a plastic strip to separate the 2 conductors from each other so that they still run porallel but at 1/4" distance form each other.
4) The shorter the cable run between amplifier/receiver and each speaker, the better (user determined length kept to as short as possible, versus pre-cut cables)

Having said above: The highest grade speaker cable sold by most well sorted hardware stores sold BY THE FOOT well suffice. Cable that specifically made for speaker connection and high power good, but $1000 speaker "interconnect" probably over the top.

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