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Vintage Hi-Fi Amplifer/ Receiver
What needed to restore to reliably working condition?

Question: What needs to be done to restore old Hi-Fi amplifers / receiver to reliably working condition? How much the restoration?
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Answer: To get vintage equipment fully working again, one has to address the traces of decay that time has left. Typical work needed to get a unit working again includes to restore all electrical contacts, such as switches, potentiometers, the tuning capacitor, and more. Then there are often problems with aged solder. Addressing these items in many cases restores the unit to working condition again. Then typically I replace all lamps (or upgrade to LED at additional cost - or where original lamps are no longer available - so that thee no longer will be a need for replacement). The unit in most cases will be working nicely after this. However, while now working the traces that age left will not have been erased yet: The items that will return a unit to RELIABLY working condition (and to perform to original specifications) is, to replace (as many as possible!) parts that have aged. Electolytic capacitors typically have a life expectancy of about 20 years, which means ideally one would replace ALL of them throughout the entire unit (often 100-200 parts!). Some resistors drift in value with time. Once all physical items are back in good working order, then alignments can be performed.

To address ALL of the above, requires basically to take the entire unit apart and to work board by board in every aspect, until fully restored. While that return the unit in most cases to work very close to when the unit was new, it takes tremendous amounts of work time and lots of parts many times of that compare to get the unit working again.

My attempt in writing this, is to set into perspective, that a fully working unit and one that works to original specifications for decades to come, are not the same - even though form the outside the effects are not much visible and the untrained ear may not detect much difference in sound.

In other words: For restoration work I bill by the hour and can do as little or as much work as you want to have done, where the difference will be: How well working, how reliably, and for how long.

As long as either of your receivers is complete (no missing or physically damaged internal or external parts) it shall matter less to me, which unit I am working on.

If a budget of $300-$400 is available I should be able to:
• repair what will be needed to get the unit fully working again - which includes all parts to get it working again and a few that would be replaced as a preventetive measure, to avoid future failure)
• treat all switches, potentiometers, and the tuning capacitor with contact cleaner for trouble free performance
• replace all lamps
• re-solder many of the units solder joints (as many as I can reach without additional work and all that appear to potentially become a problem)
• basic check and perform electronic alignments where needed
• do physical cleaning and detail work, including lubrication of internal mechanical parts
• All replaced parts will be returned to you

In this budget range: Aged and Out of tolerance parts will only be addressed where they cause noticeable trouble or defects. In other words: this work will restore the unit to fully working condition, but long term reliably issues will not be addressed in much detail, as there still remain many parts that will not have been replaced - in other words: at some point in the future may fail.
Again: I can do as little or as much work as you authorize and pay for.

I will be glad to examine the unit to give an estimate, but bill an equipment evaluation fee, if no work is ordered, as I will take the unit apart and examine it in various aspects and start the repair process in some aspects, to be able to give the estimate. >

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