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Equipment Purchase, Transaction Details, Terms and Conditions:
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 How to order: 1 - 2 - 3 !

1. E-mail for availabilty of the item you are interested in.

- include your Zip code for shipping costs.

-> You will receive an e-mail, that will detail availability, quote the total amount to purchase and list the cost of shipping to your destination, including detailled payment instructions And: I can send an invoice through Paypal with detailed instructions in addition. This is especially helpful, if wishing to purchase with a credit card, but do not have a Paypal account. (Please indicate)

? - Have special requirements for shipping, handling, payment, warranty, etc.? - Read Detailled Terms and Conditions, then inquire about the detail you need.

2. Purchase: -> Pay via these choices:

Money Order (US Postal Service Money order preferred - Other money orders or personal checks may delay shipping, as time needed to clear).

Credit Cards through Paypal .

Paypal Account: Paypal confirmed ship-to address required. For using your credit card: in most cases your ship-to address is automatically confirmed. Please indicate if billing and shipping address differ.

Western Union for countries where above payment methods are unavailable.

Purchase request states agreement with below TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

Availability and PricingLay Away All Equipment sold "AS IS" Sales are pre-PayProcessing TimePackingShipping and Tracking NumbersReturnsWarrantyWarningMisrepresentationEquipment OffersEquipment TradesContact InformationTestomonials

3. Receive Your Order

-> Your item will usually ship within 1 bussiness day after your payment posted to my account.

-> You will receive a shipment confimration by e-mail the evening of the shipping day. Your on-line trackable tracking / delivery confirmation number will be included, if shipped with trackable services.

-> You will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail within 1 business day containing further information, if there is an unexpected delay with your shipment

E-mail Purchase Inquiry

Quick Check Out

Bypasses normal sales process of e-mail interaction, - for convenience and speed, but requires:

1) Agreement to purchase your items with an unknown shipping cost, which may be as high as the shipping deposit paid / maximum shipping cost listed with each item, or could be as low as less than half of the deposit. Actual shipping cost calculated by package size, weight and ship-to ZIP code, plus handling costs.

2) Agrremnt to ALL Terms and Conditions

3) Payment through Paypal only (Credit Cards accepted)

4) To Ship to your verified address (where credit card statements are received) And: within the continental USA only

5) To receive your item via Signature Required services

My Quick Check Out shopping cart button processes your Payment through Paypal, billing for the purchase price for the item, plus an estimated maximum shipping cost deposit.

Once payment received through Paypal: I will pack, then calculate actual shipping costs + handling, etc. to your ZIP code (within continental USA only), refund the shipping cost over payment (if any), SHIP, and e-mail your tracking number and the total for cost of shipping.

I reserve right to cancel order by refunding your entire payment.

If needing to approve shipping costs, before I ship, OR if above is not fully agreeable, OR if needing shipment to other destination than within USA, Please use my regular sales process "How to Order" instead.

Notes from Customers:

5/2/’14: Marc, The amp came today... Friday, earlier than expected! Got it connected... and it sounds great.  Very excited to have this. Thanks so much for selling me this great vintage amp.  Clarity, separation, warmth...  And between tunes I crank it to listen for anything coming out the speakers... and it's silent. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'm THRILLED with the sound. Best wishes - Hal N

1/2/’14: hi marc, Just back from holiday break. Got the black pedal and it matches perfectly. Thanks again! Bruce

7/19/'13: Marc, Received and installed changer. Beautiful job of packing. Great sound! This was my wife's birthday present. She was so very excited and happy. Thank you. Simply super service. Jim C -

10/18/’12: Hi Marc...
I received the stereo. Thank you so much. My sincere appreciation and thank you. The speakers sound wonderful and I love my 2 stereos. I'm so glad I found your business online! Diane W.

3/09/'12: Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent packing job... and for the excellent condition of the machine... received it yesterday... look forward to using it - J.

More Feed Back form my Customers:
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS ( In Detail - ©2001-2014 Ultraelectronicactive.com)

Availability and Pricing All Equipment sold "AS IS" Sales are pre-Pay Processing Time Packing Shipping and Tracking Numbers Returns Warranty Warning Misrepresentation Equipment Trades Equipment Offers Equipment Donations Contact Information Testomonials

Availability and Pricing:

Sales are on first come first serve basis, where "first come" is defiend as having sucessfully paid for an item as the first person and in full. And I reserve the right not to sell any item at all, at any time, and for no reason at all; - if paid for: I will issue a refund.

All availalbe items are available for sale until paid for in full. "Payment in full" is defined as: the full amount - including full shipping charges, fees, taxes etc.- has completed to post to my account. Should your payment complete to post to my account after an item has been sold or otherwise become unavailable, your sole remedy is limmited to a refund for the total amount that actually posted to my account.

Contact me for the availability of any item. Please note that availabilty at the time of your inquiry - nor at any later time, and neither payment initiated by you, guarantees your purchase of any item. This may especially be true for rare items in high demand. Paid-for unshipped items will be refunded.

PRICES are plus shipping / handling and insurance (s / h / i). I do all possible to keep your costs to an absolute minimum and will calculate s/h/i charges upfront for you with your availability request, if you include your shipping location data: country (if non US) and ZIP code.

You can opt out of
insurance. However: Items shipped without insurance are shipped completely at your own risk and are not returnable. Not responsible for damage of items damaged in transit without insurance.

Concerning pricing: My posted prices were derived from careful research and in addition are based on the condition of the item to be sold, considers accesories etc. that are included with it, and what actualy went into it, to rework a given piece of equipment. My pricing is aiming to provide an excellent value for the money - lower than my compettition!
Please do not ask me for my "lowest asking price", a "better price", or my "best price" My prices are posted.
---> Instead: Be welcome to carefuly consider how much you are willing to spend on the item of interest, to make a clear and definite counter offer. Adding of convincing reasoning why you deem a lower price fair, may help. If within reason, I will carefully consider your offer and get back to you with a definite answer, but I also reserve the right to kindly refuse, or to simply ignore your inquiry. Please make it as easy for me as possible, to say "YES" to your offer.
As it does take additional time to process e-mail that requires further research, or involved correspondence, I also may raise my prices over the original asking price with my reply to you. Thank you for your understanding!

All used / reconditioned / refurbished EQUIPMENT and any PARTS(!) are sold "AS IS" - NOT RETURNABLE

I do my best to provide
great value in all equipment I sell, by preparing it for long term reliability. I thorougly test and repair ALL that is needed - plus I often replace parts that potetially could fail. My goal is to earn your repeated patronage with reliable equipment to have you as a long term customer. But: as Vintage equipment in most cases is at least 30 years old, it is sold "AS -IS" and all sales are final with no warraty of any kind, other than: that you will receive the equipment you paid for "AS IS"
"AS IS" means: I describe equipment as accurate and in as much detail as possible on this site, aim to disclose ALL I know about the defects, imperfections, malfunctions or weaknesses of a given piece of equipment. For details check “Lot”and "Condition" designation at the bottom of each item's description. It is for you to know exactly what you are purchasing. All equipment will be in the exact condition as described, unless damaged in shipment.

Feel invited to ask me any question you might have regarding any item in as much detail as you like. If time allows I am happy to e-mail more detailled pictures or to provide, what you feel, you need, to be confident about your purchase. However, clearify all you need to know prior to your purchase

Factory new mechandise and equipment is covered by it's Original Manufacturers Warranty. (For used or reconditioned equipment see above)

To obtain warranty service on factory new items follow precedures outlined in the materials that came with your equipment. for help please contact me.

Returns: Factory-new merchandise requires an RMA number. See below (@"misrepresentation") to request one. Defects for exchange only. Wrong item ordered: 15% restocking fee applies. Parts that wear or are consumables, such as stylie and belts are not returnable.

All transactions for
used / reconditioned items are final - Items are non returnable, unless you decide that I misrepresented your item. Any return only by precedure outlined as above in "Misrepresentation".

Returns only accepted with prior return request and a valid RMA#, No return accepted, if the package you sent arrives here damaged in transition.

SHIPPING COSTS, and quality of packing for returns will be at returnee's (that is: your) responsibility. Any shipping costs are non-refundable.

No return request contact initiated, or / and no return shipment sent out within 5 business days after equipment's original receipt demonstrates final acceptance of goods.


Should you decide after receipt of your item, that the item you purchased or traded for, was misrepresented by me, please contact me to receicve an RMA number.

RMA# number: Please request a RMA# ASAP and no later than within 5 business days of receipt of your item with the reason for your return. You will be issued an RMA#- Then you may return your item, if in original condition. SHIPPING COSTS, and quality of packing for returns will be at returnee's (that is: your) responsibility. Any shipping costs are non-refundable.

Green Bussiness Policy:

I have recycled all my life simply because it makes sense: Nature operates in cycles. What goes arround comes arround. All comes from the earth and ALL needs to get back to it, to degrade to it's elements - to once again emerge. This is the cycle of life! The way we modern people live on this earth currently simply does NOT make sense and will not be sustainable in the long run. I believe that bussiness practisses, instead of focussing on growth, need to consider sustainability of life as their first priority, to preserve this place were we live for the life of fututre generations.

It is my commitment to you and to future generations, that with my bussines I will leave a biological foot print as small as possible to contribute to, and promote sustainability.

As a matter of fact my bussines is a recycling bussiness: I sell more than 95% previously owned products that are restored for another life time of service, to last as long as possible, preventing waste and unecessary destruction of Nature as much as possible. And: The remaining 5% of items I sell are: parts, services and products that help extend the life of existing equipment.

All packing materials I use for shipping are recycled and have been used previously.
When there is equipment that cannot be restored, I take it apart and recycle all usable parts. What cannot be used, I take apart into basic components to recycle metal and plastic separately with my local recycling center. Toxic components I bring down to toxic waste. I pride myself with having the emptiest garbage can in the nation! So please be ashured that if you donate your old audio equipment to me, that it will get recycled to the highest degree possible!
I also avoid unecessay paper work, as much as possible - for example your invoices are sent by e-mail and not in paper form.

I would like to encourage you to take extra efforts in your daily decisions and actions to find the intergrity in your own life to make this "Here and Now" the best place it can be. The happyness you bring into your own life, when sharred with others, is what brings blossoms to all.

Feel free to also make suggestion on how I can further improve what you experience with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Marc RisingStar

Payment Methods and Processing Time:

Sales are Pre Pay for any items shipped. Excelent references availble - furbished on request.
Items that are picked up in person are cash sales.

For shipped items aceptable payment methodes are: Paypal (see details below! ), credit cards through Paypal only, money orders, cashiers checks, or personal checks (10 business days to clear!).

Lay Away: For those who wish to purchase a specific item, but need time to accumulate funds to be able to purchase the item I offer a lay-away type purchase plan at no additonal cost. Put down a deposit. Make payments until paid off - then it will ship. Inquire about the details.

PAYPAL only if shipping to your paypal verified address and if I can ship with a shipping company which issues on-line trackable delivery information. Paypal requires me to ship to Paypal verified addresses only. If not providing a Paypal verified address with your payment, I may refuse your payment and may ask you to pay via one of the alternate payment methods. I prefer payment by US postal services money order. Paid goods will usually ship within 1 business day, but the latest within 2 business days after your payment posted to my account. I will do what I possibly can do, to ship your item within 24 hours after payment (Most items paid for on a business day before 2:30 PM PST will ship the same day). Items paid by personal checks (issued in US$), will be shipped the 11th business day after deposit, due to the time lag in processing and inter bank communication in the event of a check returned due to insufficient funds. Items paid by check / money order issued in other currencies than US$ usually take about 30 Days to clear! - Item will ship after payment cleared)
For all items shipped I will e-mail a shipment confirmation, which unless it is not issued by the shipping company, will include the tracking number for your packakge.

Packing: I will make all attempts, to keep your shipping cost to the lowest amount possible and use whenever possible recycled quality shipping materials. For most items I do not have a handling charge, although packing often takes hours of time for the quality jobs, that I do provide. I usually charge very close to what I have to pay out for shipping, but may add a slighgt nominal fee to compensate for the purchase of packing materieals, such as packing tape or wrapping materials and for gas to drive up to tthe post office or shipping company. You will get a high quality packing job at the lowest cost possible.
I will do whatever is possible and feasible to pack any item I ship properly to my high standards of quality with a lot of care and attention to detail. (About 15 years of equipment shipment experience; every single shipment arrived in perfect condition! - keyword: double box and/or well cushioned packing).

Shipping and Tracking Numbers:

Any shipping charges are non-refundable. Shipping to PO Boxes can be handeled only via USPS services. Please indicate if you need shipment to a PO box with your availability request.
Shipping services are via
UPS, FedEx Ground or USPS. UPS or FedEx shipments may, but not necessarily will - add up to a couple of days processing time for your shipment, as the next staffed shipper customer counters are about 25 miles away from here)

I will notify you upon shipment by e-mail with your shipment confirmation and tracking / delivery cnfirmation number (if shipped with a trackable service). This e-mail will be sent the night of the day your item shipped. For personal checks, I will also e-mail you when your payment has arrived.


Vacuum Tube Equipment, just to name one example, operates on High Voltage and can kill you in a split second. Know how to handle all potential High Voltage dangers and have access to propper equipment before attempting to open or operate a unit that operates on high voltage. AND: Used electronic equipment, at times, due to it's age, especially after shipment, can be unpredictable. Use proper protection measures and equipment to test item thoroughly prior to regular operation to eliminate all possibilities of danger or defects that may have been inflicted by shipping.

Copyright Notice:

All information and material provided on this web site © ultraelectronicactive.com and provided on an "AS-IS" basis. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Equipement Brand names, model numbers, etc. are trademarks or the respective manufacturres.

Usage Terms:

All information and material presented on this web site, including designs and code may to be used by permission only. However: You may link to pages of our web-site as a whole. Direct linking to images or other resources not permitted.
We reward links to pages of our site with a reciprocal link - e-mail us the URL of your web page that contains the link to us, and we will link back to your site. Detail Info Request for Permission to use Material presented on this Web Site

Equipment Dontations:

Gladly accepted for audio and music equipment made before 1984. I gladly accept parts and non working / working units to pull parts form as well. If donating the equipment plus donating the cost to ship it out to here: Please ship to: PO Box 2234 Paradise, California 95969. It will be much appreciated! And: THANK YOU!
If wishing to get re-imbursment for shipping, need a receipt, or for me to come out to pick it up: I need to approve of your donation first before I can accept it. For that please include all of the detail information, that apply for "Equipment Offers" below and particularly care to include item # 2B).

Equipment Offers:

With inclusion of your asking price and detail information I am glad to consider equipment offered to me. If unsure about your asking price: I will be glad to provide value estimation services billed at my regular shop rate which can be ordered HERE. or read below.

TO CONSIDER offered equipment form you, I need 5 items:

1A) Type of Equipment (For example: "reel to reel deck") 1B) The exact Make and Model number (revision number, chassis number,serial number etc., IF availalbe)

2) Most Important: Your asking price (without it: no response). As to prices at which I can buy: Please keep in mind, that I buy all equipment at wholesale prices in "AS-IS" condition. All equipment I sell, I carefully refurbish in every aspect REGARDLESS of working condition. My restoration work aims to perform as close as possible to original specifications, which requires to replace aged and out of tolerance parts and components (often very hard to find!), which is time involved and expensive. Thus I can pay at the very maximum of 1/3 of the possibly highest retail sales price, which unfortunatly needs to include any shipping costs as well to get all of the offered items to here (USA, northern California, 95969). If my total cost is higher than my theshold, I can't buy, as too expensive for me. In this regard I pay fair prices and will do ALL I can to be fair to you!
If unsure about your asking price: "Garage Sale Prices" are what I have been able to pay and prefer. I invite you to carefully consider how much this equipment in it's current condition (decades old, likely not fully working - not refurbished!) is worth to YOU(!) - right now. How much would you spend to buy this equipment that you are selling?
I will gladly answer every offer that includes your asking price with one clear YES or NO, but again: if your asking price is higher than what I can pay: I won't haggle nor bicker: I simply may not be your buyer.

2B) If expecting to get re-imoursed for shipping: My shipping cost of the item to California 95969. (Or at least: exact physical size and weight information for each item, plus your ship-form ZIP code.)

Item Description:

3)What parts / accesories are included or missing / damaged? Any owners manuals / service manuals / original boxes, vacum tubes, spare parts, etc. are included?

4A) Physical condition: Any missing / damaged parts or accessoires? Corrosion, Cracks, Blemishes, Dents, Deformations, Decolorations, Tears, Rust., ETC.?
4B): Working Condition. Please skip to yelow writing below, if not known, or describe if known: Working in all apsects? - What is not fully working? What symptoms? If defective: not a problem, but I would like to know what the defects are.
If working condition is not known, simply state "unknown". Please do NOT plug unknown equipment and items that have not been used for some time, or that use vaccum tubes into power, as damage and / or hazzardous situations may be provoked! Equipment is worth more to me untested, than damaged! Even a "quick" test can damage equipment and render it worthless! - I usually thoroughly pre-test each and every piece of equipment without power and carefully with test equipment. If ALL pre-tests pass, then I apply controled power very slowly and carefully monitored with a variac! So: Please don't plug in!

5) All offered items must be owned by you, verifyable. I cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Equipment Trades:

If you want to invite me to trade in a pice of equipment that you own for something you desire to have (including services) from this web site: Please send me an inquiry and be as descriptive as possible by including all of the details that I need:
A) A description of your item, including exact model number, condition and included accessories; Then
B) Which item /. service you are interested in to receive; And:
C) Your expectations in regards to trade in value for your item.

For the description of your item please include all details outlined in above "Equipment Offers"

The logistics: Once we have come to a possible agreement that the trade / trade-in may be mutually beneficial: I expect to talk to you on the telephone to finalize the details, before the trade will take place.
I expect your item to arrive here first and after careful examination: I will ship out your item within 1-2 business days, given it arrived here in all apsects as described. I also will e-mail you your shipment confirmation and tracking number, or contact within 48 hours (or less) after receipt of your item; should there be any problem. Should I need to decide, that you misrepresented the item I received from you: I expect to be able, within 5 business days after receipt, to return the item to you.

Shipping costs for the item you traded for, do not apply, as you pay for the shipment you ship to me and I will pay shipment of the package I ship to you, unless we negotiate a different agreement.

Contact Information:

E-mail questions and availability requests for the items you are interested in. Feel free to call me when you are ready to purchase. For shipping/handling charge calculation please include your country (if non US) and ZIP code.
As it seems that spam filtering and junk mail makes it increasignly harder to reach you by e-mail in response to your inquiries, please include your phone number as well. Should I be unable to reach you by e-mail, I will attempt to call you - but I will never call you not in direct response to an inquiry you made.

Thank you for your the time.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Marc Rising Star

  e-mail me 

If you don't hear from me within 24 hrs, please be assured that your e-mail did not reach my e-amil inbox. Then please please call me.

 -> Call 10AM-9PM, U.S.A. Pacific Standard Time:
Ultra Electronic Active. P.O. Box 2234, Paradise, CA 95967, U.S.A.

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