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Sales of Quality Refubished Vintage Audio Equipment and Restoration / Repair Services
- Repairing, Refurbishing, Restroring and Custom Modifying of Vintage Audio Electronics + Music Equipment since 1979


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I offer hand edited ONE for ONE - link or banner exchanges

To receive a link to your site, please complete two simple steps:

1. - Create a link (of the same kind you wish to receive) to my site

2. - e-mail me the URL for the page containig your link

In return I will install a link on my site equal* to yours back to your site

Include a brief description of YOUR product , service or page to link to
in one short sentence
and I may additionally list you for free
in one of my directories.

(*= equal to all availble as below)

Linkexchange promotes equal win-win for everyone.


1. I am primarily interested in linking with Web sites that relate to vintage / tube audio / stereo / Hi-Fi, music / studio recording equipment and musical instruments, AND in: artisans, crafters, musicians, artists and those in the healing arts.
In other words: All folks who work with their hands and sell their own products and serives.
Currently not interested to link back to sites with current factory mass produced products or services - I am sorry, but there may be other web sites that may be more relvant to these topics and may be able to serve you much better in this regard.

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<b><a href="http://www.ultraelectronicactive.com"><font color="2BEB25">Vintage Quality Refurbished Audio Equipment Sales + Services by Marc</font></a></b>

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Vintage Quality Refurbished Audio Equipment Sales + Services by Marc

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<a href="http://www.ultraelectronicactive.com" title=""><img height="114" width="175" src="http://www.ultraelectronicactive.com/MI/lex-media/UEA-VALogo175px.gif" border="0" alt="Vintage Quality Refurbished Audio Equipment Sales + Services since 1978 by Marc"></a>

The link returned to you will be equal to the one you give - a text only link will be returned with a text only link; a banner link with a banner link, an addspace link with an addspace link - The more you give the more you will receive. NO ANIMATED BANNERS accepted and HTML code only.

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