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Online Art, Music and Music Industry Directory - Musicians

A.O.R. / Melodic Rock:

Kurt Vereecke - Composer / Musician - Founder of: "Frozen Rain" AOR / Melodic Rock

Experimental / Electronic:

Receptor Sight: an experimental duo dedicated to exploring original sounds.


Instrumental Music from an Independent Artist - Pisidia.com

Pisidia.com - The Official Website of the artist Pisidia. Instrumental Music from an Independent Artist.


Jazz from Dublin

Meditation Music / Space Atmosheres:

Rising Star's Meditation Music and Sapce Athmospheres

Music for Comercials / TV / Film:

The G-Man creates superb songs, sonics, radio spots, and music for film, TV, and commercials.

Receptor Sight: an experimental duo dedicated to exploring original sounds.


The music of Adrian Van Meter - hardcore punk - official site, includes MP3s, news, bios, lyrics, tabs, and links.

D-O-E: SykophunkJULY 12, 2003: NEW D-O-E CD "FURTHER REVELATIONS version 2.0"!!!What up sykos?  This is D-O-E (aka Dostah Shilailee) - welcome to my site.  Here you'll find info/news about all my projects in the music world and a few other areas of entertainment.  Free MP3 downloads, lyrics, all that shit...D-O-E ***


Bobbysox Music - Info site on various alternative Nashville artists featuring the album "Written On The Hood Of An Old Car". Site includes a page on British artist, Ian Coltaire.
Loads of pics, links & musings.

Soft Rock:

Independent artist Larry Lupole's soft rock cd Classic Fantasy.


Amber - Inspirational audio that you can download to your MP3

Rising Star Meditation Music CDs Rising Star - The Artist Home Art

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